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Who is behind it?

Our team consists of experienced professionals and industry insiders with over 15 years of experience. Our passion is to give our best day after day to realize our customers’ ideas and visions for safe and effective hygiene products.

Done quickly” was the employee rather than the work

From our own experience, we know what it’s like to be caught up in routine activities, day-to-day business and meetings, and how difficult it then becomes to give additional tasks and projects the attention they actually require. Especially since the time required for this – especially in the regulatory area – is often underestimated and tasks can often not be completed quickly. Even if it’s nice to hear from your own management that you don’t need to do projects because of the tight working time – it can’t be in the sense of a company not to implement projects that ultimately serve its growth, or to implement them with the wrong people.

Using the valuable resource “knowledge” correctly

Of course, there are no wrong people. But the right employees are in the wrong place: namely, when those with years of experience and extensive expertise are bogged down in routine activities.Given the high workload of experienced employees, they are often only called in when a new concept is almost fully developed. However, the experts quickly recognize that the plan has a catch: be it technically incorrect assumptions or – which is far more often the case – because regulatory reasons speak against it.

Do you know this dilemma?

You think about the countless hours of work, the numerous meetings and the associated visions and that you now have to undo all this with a few words? Being a killjoy is certainly not nice, but ultimately has the important task of protecting a company from damage. For this reason, specialists should be involved in projects as early as possible in order to be able to contribute possibilities and solutions in good time.

Either way, it is always frustrating to invest a lot of time and heart and soul in something that is cut off at the drop of a hat. Of course, we have not been spared such experiences. Thanks to our bundled competencies, however, we quickly recognize the feasibility of projects and can thus prevent taking the wrong path and keep everyone motivated.

We not only have a broad knowledge of all hygiene areas “from stable to table” up to (veterinary) medical facilities, but we rather love the challenge to use our knowledge and experience profitably for you.

Thanks to the very extensive know-how and the ability to transfer knowledge to other areas and to think laterally, we are able to find creative – admittedly also sometimes more or less unconventional – solutions and to develop new ideas.

Even if we don’t know everything, we do know at least one thing based on our years of experience: who the right expert and contact person is for a particular issue. Of course, we are well networked here and therefore consult the right experts when necessary.

Thanks to modern technology, close and secure collaboration is child’s play these days.

As a future-oriented company and against the backdrop of the outstanding possibilities of digital cooperation, we use modern tools. We will be happy to prove to you how simple and efficient – and, by the way, very transparent – cooperation can be.

Precisely because we see ourselves as a kind of outsourced department of yours and not as an outside consultant for whom you are just a project. We are also happy to take care of your “small livestock” and actively support you day after day. Just like your own employees. That’s why we are available for you at any time and can support you in your work – even after your employees have left work. Just give it a try.

Still questions or concerns? Maybe our FAQ will give you an answer – if not, just give us a call, use our contact form or our scheduling tool and arrange a callback.



We would like to support you with our experience and competence to achieve your goals faster and in the best possible way - so that products and projects for better hygiene are also implemented and do not remain just a vision/idea.
We want you to succeed - for this we are committed to you with a lot of passion and competence and thanks to modern technologies we are always there when you need us.

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We share a great goal: Vision Zero - the best possible hygiene for fewer deaths from infections. This requires products that work, are safe for humans, animals and the environment, and are optimally approved and advertised - so that users also buy the products and use them correctly! In order to achieve this, we would like to make you successful and work together with you for better hygiene and safer products!

We love animals

Therefore, we also advocate for safe and effective veterinary products

What makes us special?

A unique combination of expertise and years of hands-on experience not only from the medical-scientific and regulatory field, but also from product management and marketing. We were the ones who often had to implement others’ strategies – whether feasible or reasonable – in reality and we therefore know how to still realize even seemingly unfeasible projects. After all, you don’t need smart tips but the desired result. Our service therefore starts where others often stop, namely with the implementation.

Even if it is rather unusual to hand over smaller tasks: Think of us as your outsourced department that you can call on when needed.

Just send us a quick email or message in your customer portal, or give us a call to let us know what you’d like us to do for you. That already sounds too complicated? But do you really always go to your colleague in person to discuss something? After all, it’s often the case that you call your colleague directly from your desk – even if he or she is sitting in the office around the corner or on another floor – or simply forward a task by e-mail. With MedWiss4you delegate your tasks (almost) as easily.

If you only look at the pure hourly wage at first glance, this is naturally higher when outsourcing to a service provider.

Compared to an in-house employee, however, you only pay for the time actually worked – no costs are incurred on vacation, holiday and sick days or during training. This also applies in particular to unproductive working time, which is estimated at 25 – 50% of the weekly working time.

Outsourcing therefore represents an inexpensive and, above all, absolutely flexible alternative to your own employee, i.e. one that is completely geared to your individual needs.

While outsourcing of projects, such as product approval, is quite a common procedure, this is an unusual procedure for smaller tasks or routine activities.

However, it is a well-known fact that small livestock makes a lot of crap and although the individual task does not require a great deal of effort, the sum of these tasks results in a “problem”. Due to the insignificance of the individual tasks themselves, however, the idea of simply handing over such tasks does not usually arise, even though they are often tasks that can actually be delegated well.

Just think of us as your outsourced department to whom you can delegate your work whenever you need it. To do so, simply send us a quick email or message in your customer portal, or give us a call to let us know what you’d like us to do.

That already sounds too complicated? But do you really always visit your colleague in person to discuss something? It is often the case that you call your colleague directly from your desk – even if he or she is sitting in the office on the same floor – or forward a task by e-mail. Therefore, whether you assign a colleague to handle a task or MedWiss4you, the effort for this is the same.