Extra work: Transformed in value and growth by outsourcing

The professional solution for everyone with more ideas than time

Do not miss any opportunities and fall behind, because of lacking resources! 

We support you in all more or less everyday tasks and we are happy to relieve you of unpleasant or time-consuming work.

Completely flexible, no matter when, what and to what extent.

Win at least 3 working days per month of time for more important tasks.

Knowledge workers spend 1/3 of their working time on desk work,

which they rate as follows:

50 % easily delegable

37 % Core

Total unimportant work accounts for at least 25% of a knowledge worker's work - that's 10 hours a week!

J. Birkinshaw and J. Cohen: Make room for important things, Harvard Business Manager, Nov. 2013.

We can support you in these areas

Medical science

If you need scientific expertise in hygiene and disinfection focusing on safe and effective disinfectants.

Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

If you simply want to sell your product successfully, without any ifs and buts in terms of approval and marketability.

Project and product management and marketing

If you want to turn ideas and projects into innovations and growth.

Design and event management

If you want to perfectly showcase your hygiene products.

This is only an excerpt of our services, but like any medical-scientific department, we are used to being confronted with a wide range of questions and tasks. Thus just ask us and we will give you a feedback as soon as possible as to whether and how quickly we can help you with a specific topic.

About Us

MedWiss4you is based on over 13 years of experience in almost all areas of activity related to disinfectants and hygiene products. Profound market knowledge and well-founded scientific know-how complete our competence.

From own experience, we know all too well, what it is like, when time is just enough to complete routine tasks and additional tasks or projects cannot be implemented as desired due to a lack of time.

Our aim is therefore to relieve you of all more or less everyday work, whether it be annoying routine activities or time-consuming tasks. So that innovative projects do not remain just an idea and you can focus entirely on your business growth.

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