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Do you need medical-scientific know-how about disinfectants and hygiene?

We are at your side with advice and support whenever you need us

Knowledge: A valuable resource

Do your medical-scientific staff often lack the time to complete all tasks?
Does your medical-scientific department wish for support in times of increased workload?
You can’t find a qualified new employee quickly – maybe not at all – or the personnel planning doesn’t provide for a new employee?

You have a private label of detergents and disinfectants, but purchase these hygiene products as a private label product ? You therefore only need an employee with scientific experience on a temporary basis?

MedWiss4you is available to you as your medical-scientific department whenever you need it. We will help you quickly and straightforwardly as well as competently with all specialist questions relating to hygiene and hygiene products.

But does your medical-scientific department have sufficient personnel and time resources at all times? Can additional tasks be completed promptly and tasks proactively addressed?

However, you may have already experienced that various circumstances can lead to time and personnel bottlenecks.

Medwiss4you is therefore happy to support you even on a transitional basis. However, we can also take over basically time-consuming tasks, such as literature research or the creation of scientific information texts, so that your employees can concentrate more on the operational business.

MedWiss4you is available to you as your medical-scientific department whenever you need it. We will help you quickly and straightforwardly as well as competently with all technical questions concerning disinfectants.

Your medical-scientific department if required

Therefore, give your medical-scientific department a free head for tasks that serve the company’s growth. Leave time-consuming or disagreeable, more or less mundane tasks to simply MedWiss4you.

By the way, we are also happy to advise your customers on your behalf or to conduct training courses so that you can further strengthen your customer loyalty by providing competent services.

MedWiss4you offers you all the services of a medical-scientific department whenever you need them. These include:

  • Preparation of scientific statements and expert opinions, also in cooperation with laboratories and other testing facilities
  • Scientific information broking
  • Creation and verification of product labels with regard to compliance with product class-specific labeling requirements and conformity with the product approval
  • Examination of Internet presences and web stores for disinfectants for compliance with legal requirements
  • Creation, review and, if necessary, correction of product documentation (labels, product or user information, etc.) and other print media such as catalogs, advertising flyers and advertisements
  • Creation of product or topic related technical texts or training documents incl. e-learnings
  • Implementation of trainings
  • Assistance with audit preparation
  • Implementation of application observations and surveys
  • Translation of technical and advertising texts (German/English)
  • Support of telephone hotlines, if necessary 24 hours a day