MedWiss4you GmbH

Do you need medical-scientific know-how about hygiene and hygiene products?

We provide advice and assistance whenever you need us

Knowledge: a valuable resource

Do your medical-science staff often lack time to complete all tasks?

Does your medical-science department want support in times of increased workload?

You cannot find a qualified, new employee so quickly – maybe none at all – or the personnel planning does not include a new employee?

Are you a smaller and especially sales-oriented company?

You have your own brand of cleaning and disinfection products, but purchase these hygiene products as a private label product? Do you therefore only occasionally need an employee with scientific experience?

MedWiss4you is at your disposal as your medical-scientific department whenever you need it. We will help you quickly, easily and competently with all tasks and questions relating to hygiene and hygiene products.

As a disinfectant manufacturer you have sufficient specialists?

But does your medical-scientific department have sufficient human and time resources at all times? Can additional tasks be completed in a timely manner and tasks approached proactively?

Perhaps you have already made the experience that various circumstances can lead to time and personnel bottlenecks.

Medwiss4you will therefore be happy to support you only temporarily. But we can also basically take on time-consuming tasks, such as literature research or the creation of scientific information texts, so that your employees can concentrate more on the operational business.

Your medical-science department on demand

Enable your medical-science staff a free head for tasks that serve the growth of the company. Leave time-consuming or unpleasant, more or less everyday tasks simply to MedWiss4you.

Incidentally we are also happy to advise your customers on your behalf or hold training courses, so that you can further strengthen your customer loyalty through competent service.

MedWiss4you offers you all the services of a medical-science department whenever you need it, e.g. including:

This is just an excerpt of our services, but like every medical-scientific department, we are used to being confronted with a wide range of questions and tasks. So just ask us and we will give you feedback as soon as possible as to whether and how quickly we can help you with a certain topic.