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Do you speak the language of your customers?

Successful companies know how to continuously inspire their target group through good marketing with an adequate communication strategy and integration of customer needs. The same applies to products: Often it is not the most innovative product that sells best, but one with good marketing. A clear product positioning with communication of the USP and a target group-oriented approach are decisive.

Even if cleaning agents and disinfectants are supposedly “unsexy” – product descriptions and advertising texts should not sound “sterile” and certainly not like a listless string of sentences. How should the reader then develop a desire to buy such a product? Now you might think, but I am offering the product at an unbeatable price that makes it hard for the customer to say no. But what if you are not even asked just because you have not been able to arouse sufficient interest in the customer?

Sell your customers a good feeling

A customer not only buys a product, but also the feeling, that the company behind it translates the wishes of its customers into a product and is therefore on the “safe side”. Also because he has a contact person who is at his side to solve problems. But for this the customer must have the impression and trust that the company understands them as well as their problems and can of course also solve them.

It is therefore crucial to give the customer a good feeling at all points of contact with a product and company. Against the background of increasing harmonization of products, this is all the more important and, together with services, the decisive added value for the customer.

Do you communicate clearly and competently on all channels?

In general all advertising measures – be it company magazines, newsletters or social media posts – aim to show the company’s competence and strengthens the customers confidence in it and its products.

It is therefore not enough to start marketing activities in which someone writes some kind of advertising text, as this – despite the corresponding investment – at best will not achieve the desired effect. Rather there is a great risk that, for example, the incorrect use of technical terms, incorrect quotations or even copying of foreign text passages creates a less professional impression of the company.

Social media - are you still posting or are you already inspiring?

Social media in particular offers a good opportunity for direct customer communication, but requires regular postings and also a prompt reaction to answers or questions from followers – especially when it comes to current events.

In everyday work the question arises, who in the short term even has time to write an article about a current event. Not suprisingly should probably, that the specialist staff with the appropriate know-how often does not have the time for this. So who is left?

Do not miss the chance to demonstrate your competence and to inspire customers in the entirety of your online and offline marketing measures.

What we can do for your marketing

MedWiss4you supports you to speak the language of your customers – be it the hygiene specialist in medical or nursing facilities, in food processing or the farmer.

We support you with a competent and target group-oriented communication with your customers in all media – for current events we can even create a post for you overnight, so that you can impress your customers with the topicality and professionalism of the article.

Your advantage: Of course, we also take into account the relevant regulatory requirements for advertising.


Personal union: product + project management + marketing = a successful concept?

In small and medium-sized companies the tasks of product management and marketing for a specific product portfolio and, at the same time, project management within this work area are often performed by one employee. In particular when dealing with sales and answering product-specific customer inquiries, a large part of the working time is spent on operational activities.

Strategic tasks that are particularly time-consum-ing, such as extensive market and competition analysis, are therefore often neglected. Especially since such tasks are associated with a higher expenditure of time in the absence of appropriate knowledge and experience.

Historical product portfolios should be history

From a sales and marketing-strategic point of view, new findings and requirements can make it neces-sary to revise a grown product portfolio – to which products have both been added and removed over time.

Due to the effort involved, this revision is often postponed to a supposedly better time, with the hope that the necessary capacities will then be available.

So this task is either postponed to Saint Never’s Day or is only approached and implemented half-heartedly.

Competition: It is not the company size that is decisive, but agility

Due to the lack of implementation, you doesn’t only lose time, but also the market, since nowadays particularly the implementation ability represents a significant competitive advantage – be it when placing a new product on the market or publishing news.

Time is therefore an essential competitive factor and even with the best time management there is only limited availability. Do not miss the chance to fully exploit your growth potential and therefore do not lose any time in the implementation of important projects and product management tasks.

What we can do for your project and product management as well as your marketing

Thanks to our 13 years of experience, we are not only happy to support you in your daily work and thus relieve your employees in the event of short-term personnel bottlenecks or increased workload, but also in more extensive tasks and projects such as the development and introduction of new products or the revision of the product portfolio.

Briefly summarized above, we can take on the following tasks.

Just let us know which tasks we can take over. Give us a call, write an e-mail or choose an appointment on our website, on which we can call you. We look forward to a personal conversation with you.