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You just want to sell your product successfully?
Without any ifs and buts on approval and marketability?

Leave tedious regulatory tasks to us

Too much work? Simply outsource

Do you have specialist know-how and innovative products or excellent customer relationships?

But due to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, are your personnel resources in the relevant departments scarce or already exhausted?

Time-consuming routine tasks and an increased documentation effort further complicate the situation?

Perhaps you have already thought about hiring additional staff for this purpose, but you are not sure whether you will need them in the long term and whether this will not result in too high personnel costs later on. Perhaps you have been looking for an employee, but have not found one who meets your requirements.

Concentrate on your sales - we take care of the regulatory issues

Are you a sales organization that sources your products as private label and only have intermittent needs to handle regulatory issues?

Quite independently of this, would you actually prefer to concentrate on selling your products and deal less with regulatory requirements? Because you actually only want products that are properly approved and optimally advertised for distribution?

Then we have the perfect solution for you: Simply outsource your regulatory tasks to MedWiss4you and we will take over your work, whether tedious and time-consuming routine activities, documentation tasks or individual tasks and projects, such as product approval.

Particularly in the case of private label products, as an independent service provider we can assess sensitive data while maintaining confidentiality for the private label taker and carry out product approval.

Below you will find a small, exemplary overview of our services from A like pharmaceuticals to Z like accessories for medical devices:

Are you missing a specific regulatory task from the list? Then we would be pleased if you contact us in this regard. Simply call us, send us an e-mail or use the contact form or our scheduling tool to arrange a personal meeting. We will give you feedback as soon as possible whether and to what extent we can support you with the desired task. We look forward to talking to you!