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Do you simply want to sell your products successfully?
Without ifs or buts in authorization and marketability?

Leave annoying, regulatory tasks to us

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You have technical know-how and innovative products or excellent customer relationships?

Your human resources in the regulatory departments are scarce or already exhausted due to increased regulatory requirements?

Time-consuming routine tasks and increased documentation requirements worsenes the situation?

You may have already thought about hiring additional staff, but you are not sure whether you will need them in the long term or if this will only result in excessively high personnel costs afterwards. Perhaps you were looking for an employee, but did not find one who met your requirements.

Concentrate on your sales – we take care of the regulatory issues

You are a sales organization, purchasing your products as a private label, and only need to deal with regulatory issues from time to time? 

You want to focus on selling your products and not dealing with the regulatory requirements?

You simply want properly approved products with perfect fitting marketing claims?

Then we have the perfect solution for you: Simply outsource your regulatory tasks to MedWiss4you and we will take over your work, whether annoying or time-consuming routine activities as well as documentation and individual tasks and projects, such as a product approval.

Especially for private label products and as an independent service provider, we can assess sensitive data while maintaining confidentiality and carry out a product approval.

Our range of services from A to Z in detail

Medicinal products

Regardless of the size of a company and the turnover with a medicinal product, a pharmaceutical company is obliged to systematically monitor the safety, quality and efficacy of their product. To meet these demands also appropriately qualified and experienced personnel is required.

Label texts, package leaflets and use instructions as well as other product documents or print media for medicinal products must be checked by an information officer with regard to their conformity with the approval and adjusted if necessary. In addition the requirements of the medicines advertising act must also be taken into account for all german marketing materials.

MedWiss4you can assist with the systematic monitoring of your medicinal products and provide the legally required staff, who can take over the following tasks:


Currently in Germany a lot of disinfectants can be registered as biocidal products quite easily within the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). Within Europe requirements for the registration of a disinfectant with not yet approved biocidal active substance are quite different and involve a variable effort, which is normally higher than in Germany.

MedWiss4you supports you with the registration of your biocidal product, whether it is a simple product registration or a more complexe approval project in cooperation with one of our cooperation partner.

Disinfectants with the following approved active ingredients must first undergo product approval before they can be brought onto the market and marketed: iodine, 1-propanol, 2-propanol, peracetic acid, PHMB, iodine, chlorocresol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium and calcium hypochlorite, L -Lactic acid and glutaraldehyde (PT-2).

The current status of the review of the active substances with further details (e.g. the current status depending on the area of application) can be found on the ECHA website:

Chemical safety

Regardless of the approval status of a product, chemicals and products made from them are subject to a wide variety of regulations and laws that must be complied with in order to ensure that the products can be used safely.

Even if associated risks and dangers are communicated along the supply chain, manufacturers and formulators – including distributors and private label recipients – are largely responsible for compliance with legal obligations, but also retailers are subject to various requirements.

The so-called UFI is a 16-digit code that must be applied to all hazardous products and enables poison centers to clearly assign a formulation to a product in order to be able to provide more specific advice.


Products for private and commercial use that will be launched on the market for the first time from January 1, 2021 must be labeled with the UFI. Products that are already on the market have a transition period until 1.1.2025.

Attention: Private label users must take into account that they cannot simply use the manufacturer's UFI code, but need their own UFI.


MedWiss4you supports the manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products in all scientific and regulatory issues – we can also provide you with competent assistance with animal cosmetics.

Medical Devices

In the field of medical devices MedWiss4you can act as a mutual confidante between the manufacturer (OEM) and the private label recipient (PLM) while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data. However, the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) does no longer allow the previous OEM-PLM construct. In the future there are hardly any options for implementing a private label. We would be happy to support you in finding an individual solution.

The transition period for the “new” Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) ends on May 26., 2021 - with a postponement of one year - and from then a private label in its current form is no longer possible. This is due to the obligation, that the private label recipient needs to have acess to the technical documentation in order to meet the requirements of the MDR for post-market surveillance and medical device vigilance.

The new requirement to label medical devices with the UDI code, whose deadline has been postponed by 2 years, is attracting a great deal of attention.

It should not be forgotten, however, that additional labeling requirements must be taken into account: For example, more extensive information on the safe use of the product must be given in the instructions for use, which in case of  disinfectants often correspond to the product information. However, other details such as the identification of changes in these documents or the explanation of pictograms used, must also be taken into account.

If you have been using a private label, remember not to simply change the manufacturer specification when converting your disinfectant - information on labels, instructions for use or product information must match those of the manufacturer and meet the new requirements.