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Your disinfectants:
Simple. Efficient. All around care

We take care of everything that is a nuisance with your disinfectants

Maximize your resources and agility with us

You have to manage numerous tasks and routine activities that are hardly feasible in terms of time and personnel?

Whether product registration, compilation of technical documentation, revision of a product portfolio or creation of scientific and promotional texts …. to name just a few of the many, potential tasks. …..MedWiss4you  relieves you of all more or less mundane routine activities and thus allows you to free up resources at any time for the completion of important tasks that serve the company’s growth.

With MedWiss4you you can be sure that you will have more time for your core tasks again and can fully concentrate on your company’s growth. Because we can support you actively and competently in the following areas:


Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

Marketing, project and product management

Graphics and event management

If you can't use your knowledge resources innovatively because of routine tasks

Surely it sounds familiar to you: Your experienced experts are in high demand because of their competence – not only for meetings and customer inquiries, but also for presentations and other representative tasks. At the same time, a large number of routine tasks often rob your experts of time, which is therefore hardly enough for additional and innovative tasks.

With MedWiss4you your experts have a clear head and we take care of tedious or time-consuming tasks, such as the preparation of scientific statements, a literature search or the review of promotional materials such as catalogs, labels and product information. We are also happy to simply take over the preparation or editing of training materials and presentations.

If the legal requirements for disinfectants are becoming more and more opaque for you

Do you still have an overview in the jungle of regulatory specifications and requirements? As trivial as the term “disinfectant” sounds, the more complex the underlying regulations are. This is because disinfectants include a wide variety of product approval types – from medicinal products to disinfectants, cleaning agents, cosmetics and medical devices – each with different regulatory requirements, so it is easy to lose track of everything.

We keep track for you, whether in the implementation of your product approval or registration, but also “simply” in the labeling of your products.

If you do not lack ideas, but employees for the implementation of new projects

We all know: The greatest ideas are of no use if no one with know-how has time to take care of these innovative projects. Maybe you have someone with marketing and project management expertise, but no expertise in disinfection, to carry out your project. But at certain points you just can’t get ahead or have even shelved an idea?

With us, you can be sure that we not only recognize what is feasible, but also find creative solutions as to how an idea can still be realized …. or how you can address your target group even more precisely…… or ……

If you want your advertising documents to be not only legally compliant but also visually appealing

Surely you have also experienced that the creation and approval of promotional materials, including labels, can be a time-consuming process due to the various parties involved – and this also wants to be coordinated. Not to mention that the ideas and wishes of the Marketings often with the regulatory ideas of the medical-scientific department collide.

With us, you get everything from a single source: euphonious and legally compliant advertising texts in an appealing design.

Your disinfectants:

With MedWiss4you simply all-round care - whenever you need it

As you can see, we combine the competencies of a wide range of areas with many years of hands-on experience and profound market knowledge.

We can therefore support you not only in your daily work and thus relieve your employees in the event of short-term staff shortages or increased workload, but also in more extensive projects such as the development and introduction of new products or the revision of the product portfolio. Discretion is of course a matter of course!

Just let us know which tasks you would like us to take over. To do this, call us, send us an e-mail or select a date on our website when we can call you. We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you.